Rendezvous café is a casual dining café where people come to meet, converse, share ideas, and enjoy coffee, crepes, panini, smoothies, and baked goods, sit in a table or enjoy the lounge area with comfortable seating and T.V.

winter hours:

Monday through Saturday-8 to 5

Sunday-8 to 3

Summer hours:

Monday through Sunday- 8 to 8

Can you say YUM? Croissants, cheese danishes, cinnamon rolls, AND muffin tops with (or without) molasses drizzle... here till 5! ☕️ ...

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Another day, another batch of baked goods ✨ Today we have freshly baked scones! Muffins too. Here till five, but they might not be! ...

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Sometimes it’s good to be flaky ✨ ...

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Coffee is always the answer, iced or hot ☕️ ...

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Ever wonder what goes into making a crêpe? Click the comments below to check out the process 😄 ...

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